If you want to start a Commercial Business in Dubai, DED offers a range of opportunities, with various license types available to cater to different business activities. When considering launching a business venture in Dubai, UAE, entrepreneurs encounter a diverse array of licensing options tailored to specific business activities. Among these licenses, the Dubai commercial business license or Trading License emerges as a particularly versatile choice, enabling trade, import, and export activities.

What is a Commercial License in Dubai?

A commercial license is a gateway to trading in goods and offering specific services within Dubai and the UAE. Its versatility allows businesses to engage in importing, exporting, and trading various products, from jewelry to electronics. Moreover, a commercial trading license enables the sale of services such as brokerage and real estate services, further enhancing its appeal.

Activities allowed Under a Commercial License in Dubai

The scope of activities allowed under a Dubai commercial trade license is vast and diverse. Some of these activities include:

  • Import and export
  • General store
  • Plumbing and sanitary contracting
  • Installation and maintenance of radio, TV stations, cinema theaters
  • Automobile trading
  • Shoe trading
  • Tanks and silos trading
  • Cold storage
  • General warehousing
  • Self-storage services
  • Rental services
  • Restaurant management and more…

Benefits of a Commercial License

1) Multiple Activities and Flexibility:

Obtaining a commercial business license often allows you to engage in multiple activities under a single license. This flexibility is particularly advantageous if your business operates in various sectors or offers a range of services. Instead of applying for separate licenses for each activity, a commercial license streamlines the process and saves time and resources. This can be especially beneficial for businesses with diverse revenue streams or those looking to expand into related fields.

2) Affordable and Cost-Effective:

Commercial business licenses are designed to cater to businesses of various sizes, making them more affordable compared to obtaining individual licenses for each activity. Consolidating your licensing needs into one commercial license can help reduce administrative costs and paperwork. This affordability is particularly advantageous for startups and small businesses with limited budgets, allowing them to meet legal requirements without incurring excessive expenses.

3) Legal Protection:

Operating with a proper commercial license ensures that you are compliant with local, state, and national regulations. This helps protect your business from legal troubles and potential fines.

Steps to Get a Commercial License in Dubai

  1. Zone Selection: The first step involves choosing between setting up in a free zone or the mainland. Each option carries distinct advantages, such as ease of incorporation, financial incentives, and access to local markets or government contracts.
  2. Naming Conventions: Carefully selecting a company name is crucial, adhering to strict naming conventions and avoiding offensive language or well-known organization names. Ensuring the name’s availability is also essential.
  3. Application Submission to DED: The final stage entails submitting the license application. If on the mainland, the application goes to the Department of Economic Development (DED), while free zone setups are directed to the respective free zones. Collaboration with experienced company formation specialists can expedite this process.

Documents Required for Commercial License in Dubai

The application process for a commercial business license generally requires key documents such as a

  • Original lease contract
  • Completed application form
  • Notarized MOA
  • Passport copies of proposed owners,
  • Passport-sized photos

These are essential for both mainland and free zone setups.

Cost of Commercial License in Dubai

The cost of a commercial business license in Dubai is an important aspect to evaluate. The approximate fee for obtaining the license is AED 10,000. While this is one of the initial expenses, other factors like registrations, visas, and premises costs contribute to the overall investment. Opting for cost-effective solutions in free zones like Fujairah Creative City can offer competitive pricing and streamlined setup packages.

Renewal Process of Commercial License in Dubai

The renewal process of a commercial Trade license in Dubai varies based on whether it’s in the mainland or a free zone. For mainland renewals, the Dubai Economic Department (DED) portal is used, while free zone renewals involve liaising with the respective free zone authorities or set-up partners. The grace period for the renewal process of a commercial business license is 30 Days.

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